Une nouvelle façon de partager vos fichiers pour l'impression 3D. Essayer Handddle Drop

We place additive manufacturing at the heart of processes.

Our mission: to help companies to catch the full power of 3D printing.

The way we want to work together

Our values

It is because we are passionate that we developed a strong expertise.
Our customers are at the heart of our worries, because it is thanks to them that we exist.
Success and realization of our products are our day to day driving forces.

How and why ?

Product development

We want to give the maximum to our customers so that they can be better. Our products are designed for them, following their needs. We focus on respect for the environment and deliver clean developments through intelligent design and good choice of materials and components.

Let us open up the path of possibilities by collaborating together, simply.

The Handddle team

Thomas Bourgoin

Mechanical engineer & CEO

Pierre Marigo

Computer engineer & CTO

Dylan Taleb

Business developper & COO